Backup Image/Ad Set-Up Process

Flite has a few different options to ensure that the user is served an ad in the event that certain system requirements are not met. For example, a user who does not have Flash compatibility will be served a static image with a clickthrough. 

Additionally, the two Design Studios within the Flite Platform allow you to create Flash and HTML5 versions of an ad. This offers a great deal of flexibility as the two versions of the ad can be set to serve as backups. For example, an HTML5 ad can function as a backup to a Flash ad (or vice versa) for those users who may be be navigating to your site on a mobile device. 

Furthermore, a backup image can also be set up per placement. This means that an ad with multiple placements can have a different backup image and clickthrough for each placement offering even more flexibility with the Flite Platform. 

For a step by step walkthrough, please click here

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