How do I add new users?

User management is an Admin-only task. You must have Admin-level access to the Flite Console to be able to manage your organization's users.


To add a new user:

Mouse over the All Users item under the Teams heading until the gear icon appears. Click the gear menu, and select New User.


In the dialog that pops up, enter the new user's account information.

  • First enter a unique Username and Password that the user will use to activate their account.
  • Next, enter the user's First NameLast Name, and Email.
Click the Create User button.
The new user will now appear in the All Users list. The user will also receive an email from at the email address you provided, prompting them to log in with their username and change their password.
The final step is define the user's permissions, which is done by adding them to a team. The standard teams available in Flite are AdminsEditors, and Viewers
*Until you add a user to a team, they will essentially have no permissions with the account.
To add a user to a team, simply select their name in the All Users and drag it on top of the appropriate Team.

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