Twitter Authorization Instructions

In order to use Flite's Twitter component, you will need to authorize a Twitter account with Flite. This will provide necessary access to Twitter's API v1.1. Once your account is connected to Flite you will be able to use the component to display Twitter Timeline information.

Below are steps to authorize your Twitter account with Flite. Currently, only organization admins can access these settings. If you are not an admin in your organization and you need to authorize a Twitter account, please contact us at

1. Click Account Settings in the top right drop-down of the Console


2. Click "edit" next to your Organization name.


3. Under Twitter Account click "Add Twitter Account".


You will be redirected to Twitter to authorize your account. Following authorization you will be returned to your Organization Profile. The account you use will serve as your Twitter developer account in Flite. This does not need to match the username configured in your Twitter component.

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