How can I give users limited access to my Flite account?

How to set up limited access to your Flite account using Teams.

You may want to give certain users in your Flite account access to only one folder, or even just one ad unit within Flite.  This can be a user from within your organization or a third party that you work with. You can accomplish this by using custom teams.

  1. Click on the Teams line item to make the gear icon appear. Click on the gear to and then select the “New Team” action.



  1. Name the team something relevant to the organization or third party that you want to set up with limited access to your Flite account. In this case, New Team.



  1. Create a user (or multiple users) from New Team organization in your Flite account.



  1. Add that user (in this example New User) to the appropriate team by selecting the user in the list of All Users and dragging it on top of the appropriate team. Repeat with any additional users from this organization.
  2. Create a new folder that will house all items that the New Team organization can have access to. Add any items that you want them to be able to access by dragging the item on top of the folder.
  3. Edit the permissions for the folder to give the user(s) you've just created access to the items in that folder by selecting the folder and clicking on the Permissions button:

7. Find the team (New Team) in the list and drag the radio button to give them the correct level of permissions for this folder and the items located in this folder. Click Apply Changes when you’re done.

8. When a user on the new team (New Team) logs in to your Flite account, they will only see the folders that you have explicitly given them access to. And they will only have access to any items within that folder.

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