Add Social Functionality (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) to your Ads

There are several different ways to make Flite ads social.
  1. Pull in feeds from Twitter or Facebook using the Twitter and Facebook components in our HTML5 or Flash studio.

You can find out more about the HTML5 components here:
And you can read more about the Flash components here:
2. You can add the "Share URL" click action to any element in the unit (typically an image or button) which will let you specify what URL you'd like the user to share and a description. This allows you to share into Twitter and LinkedIn only. Here are some examples of what this looks like in the ad set up and then when the user shares the content:
Shares via Twitter:
Shares via LinkedIn:
3. You can bring a feed of pins from a Pinterest board or content from Instagram using our Datastream functionality in either the HTML5. For tips and instructions, please visit this help article.
4. You can read more on additional Flash and HTML5 components Flite offers related to social functionality on our developer site. Here are a few:
  • Advanced Twitter
  • Feed Composer
  • Inline Tweet
  • Multi Twitter, Multi Facebook
  • Text with Sharing

* If you do not have one of these components in our account, please reach out to your account manager or

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