Does Flite provide benchmarks?

We don’t currently provide benchmarks. Flite’s studio is so flexible that our clients build ad units that vary a lot in functionality and complexity. Because of this, it’s difficult for us to generate benchmarks with any real statistical significance.

For instance, a 300×250 ad built in Flite could have a slideshow with 10 images and a poll, or it could be a simple image with a button to clickthrough. The interaction rate and time spent on unit for these two ads would greatly differ, even though they’re the same size.

Instead, we recommend that you create your own internal benchmarks in Flite that you can use to evaluate the performance of a particular campaign or ad. You can do this by using our tools such as labels, search folders, and our Report Studio to create performance benchmarks across all ads, certain sizes, formats, or products. Additionally, you can use the newly available Reporting Dashboard.


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