How to pull reports from the Measure Tab

This is a reference for self-service users of Flite Design Studio to access basic reporting.

Console View - Enter the console by logging in at  If you do not see any ads, ensure that the filters are set to “all items.” Click on the appropriate ad for reporting purposes in the console view. In this example, the highlighted line represents the ad we will choose. See below:

Design Studio - You have now entered the design studio. Select the measure tab. See below:

 Measure Tab - First, we’ll need to select a date range. There are a handful of preset options. Selecting “Date Range” will bring up the calendar to enter specific dates. See below:

Exporting the Report - There are three export options in “OVERVIEW” mode. For information on the “LAYERS” mode, please see additional comments below.

  • Export as Excel – This option will export the basic overview across all placements in your ad unit. This is the most commonly exported report.
  • Export Daily Metrics (csv) – This export will show you a raw daily breakdown of the accumulated data.
  • Export only rows with data (csv) – This option is also a daily export but only including rows with data.
  • Once you select an export, an automatic download will begin to the location you have selected.


Additional Notes

  • Layer Mode: Layer reporting provides the ability to analyze various parts of a single ad and under what are the driving factors for their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Please refer to the following link for a complete tutorial on Layered Reporting.
  • Metrics Definitions:Please visit the following LINK to get a fill list of our metrics definitions.
  • Additional Questions:Please contact if you have any further questions.

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