Sunsetting Design Studio Flash

With the industry moving away from Flash, and our customers moving their ad products to HTML5, Flite is preparing to deprecate the Design Studio Flash on May 1, 2016. By focusing our engineering resources fully on our Design Studio HTML5, we can continue to innovate and bring you new features and new ad products. We wanted to give you time to prepare for this change, and make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

What this means:

  • After May 1, you will no longer be able to edit existing ads built in the Design Studio Flash, nor will you be able to build new ads in the Design Studio Flash.
  • Clicking on a Flash ad in the Console or clicking on the link to a Flash ad will open the Review page where you can preview that ad. 
  • You won’t be able to go into the Design Studio Flash to extract unique settings being used in any existing Flash ads. For instance, if you’re using the YouTube component or External video component in a Flash ad, you will not be able to open the component settings to copy out the video URL being used.
  • You will continue to be able to access metrics for any Flash units.

To prepare for this, we have some recommendations:

  • Review your account for any Flash ads that are still running impressions and assess if they will need to continue to run after May 1.
  • Start the process of rebuilding ads in our Design Studio HTML5. Most of the the features and components in the Design Studio Flash are available as components or features in the Design Studio HTML5.
    • For any ads that need to be rebuilt in HTML5, you may want to go into the Flash ad and download any image assets, copy any links to hosted videos, and copy or screenshot component settings.
  • Please reach out our Support team if you have any questions about a certain Design Studio Flash component or feature and how you can best reproduce this in our Design Studio HTML5.
  • Review any live Flash ads with your trafficking team to determine which ads should deactivated in our ad server by May 1.

Some helpful resources:

  • Video tutorials on building ads in our Design Studio HTML5
  • Our Swiffy component, which can be used in conjunction with Google’s Swiffy tool to use SWF files in our Design Studio HTML5.

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